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Will it be mandatory to use the OFS?

No. The use of OFS is not mandatory. Submission by completing the PDF Form will continue after the introduction of OFS. Lands and Survey are offering our customers an alternate avenue to complete and submit property transactions.

Can anyone use the OFS?

Yes. Anyone doing business with Land Registry may access the system.

Will the current paper system continue?

Yes. Land Registry will continue to provide all current services for the lodgement and processing of paper registry documents at our offices at the Government Administration Building as well as Cayman Brac.

Will all instrument Types be available?

No. Currently we have only the document submission form available. Within the next few months the range of document types will be expanded to include Stays of Registration, Discharge of Charges and Rectifications of the Register. It is anticipated that the range of documents will be expanded over time.

Will Land Registry accept the submission of online documents outside of business hours?

Yes. Online Documents can be submitted at any time. However the paper documents are still required and these will only be accepted during normal business hours.

Will documents submitted using OFS take precedence over documents submitted manually?

No. Official submission still remains when the paper documents are submitted to Land Registry. Online Documents delivered electronically to Land Registry will be processed using the same lodgement time stamp system currently used for paper lodgements. Documents will receive a dealing/tracking number from the same number set as used for paper.

Will duties and fees enquiry be available through OFS?

Yes. We have built in calculators which should reduce the errors made for payments of duties and fees. These do not include re-assessment under the Stamp Duty Law. Current processes for assessing duty will remain unchanged.

Do I need a special application to access OFS?

No additional application is required.

Will I be able to search or recall documents being processed using OFS?

Yes. Once you have your tracking number and email address you can access the information.

How do I know when an electronic document has been accepted by Land Registry?

Once documents have been accepted Land Registry will send a message to the email address provided indicating that document processing has been accepted.

Will there be requisitions on documents submitted electronically?

Yes. It is possible that requisitions could be raised on electronically lodged documents in the event that documents are missing from the submission.