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Understanding your Tracking Record

The Document Tracking Record provides a date and time based snap shot of the progress of Documents through the assessment of Stamp Duty and completion of Land Registration.  It comprises a number of sections;

General Information

Providing details of the applicant, client and contact information.  If any of this information is incorrect please contact us on +1 345 244 3420 or registry.info@gov.ky and we will update the record.

Movement Dates

Indicating the date of receipt of document, and the date returned.  The most recent date indicates the last occasion that the documents were submitted to Lands & Survey (In) or returned to the Applicant (Out).

Registry Information

Detailing the documents received and monies submitted. Once the documents have been accepted for registration the Instrument number will be shown. 

Finance Information

Detailing payments presented. Please note that this indicates that funds have been presented - they are not accepted as correct until receipted in the Tracking Information below.

Tracking Information

Documenting the progress of documents towards the payment of Stamp Duty and completion of Land Registration.  The noted stages are normally completed in order, with ‘Application Book - Complete’ being the last stage before registration is completed and the documents returned.  It is at this stage that the Land Register is updated to reflect the requested changes. 

Processing Stage Description
Application Book – Preliminary Entry
Documents have been received by Lands & Survey, and noted in priority order for registration purposes. 
Compliance (with RLL) Check
Documentation is reviewed by Land Registry to ensure it is compliant with the Registered Land Law.  If so, it will be accepted for Registration and entered into the electronic Application Book. 
Land Registry Requisition
If a document is not compliant with the Registered Land Law (or Stamp Duty Law), further information may be requested (a Requisition).  If a requisition requires the return of the document to the applicant, a Movement Date will be entered (see above).
Requisitions can occur at any stage (although in the majority of cases after the compliance check), so dates should be carefully checked.
Valuation Request
Documentation is reviewed by the Valuation & Estates Office (VEO) to determine the Stamp Duty payable on certain documents.
This stage will only be undertaken where Transfers, Leases, Assignments, Easements, Purchase Agreements or similar documents are presented. 
Funds are formally receipted and Stamp Duty applied to the document(s).
Register Update
Updates to the Land Register are prepared, however the Register is unchanged.
Register Verification
Proposed changes to the Land Register are reviewed by a senior member of staff, and if correct are approved.  Once all changes have been made a new edition of the Land Register is created.
Application Book – Complete
The electronic Application Book is closed, completing the transaction. 



The comments and notes of Lands & Survey Department staff working with documents. The notes will often provide an indication as to what is required from a Land Registry Requisition, or any other potential problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Movement Dates indicate that the documentation has been returned, but I have not received them. Where are they?
Documents are always returned to the Applicant, unless otherwise requested.  Local Attorney’s and Banks have postal boxes at Lands & Survey.  Other documents are returned by mail; registered if there are funds attached, regular once registration has been completed or where no funds are being returned.
The notes do not make any sense. What do they mean?
Staff are asked to balance the use of abbreviations and terminology with comments which are understandable to the public yet do not require significant time to write.  If you require further clarification on a comment please call us on +1 345 244-3420 or email registry.info@gov.ky.
Why do the dates in the Tracking Information not flow in order?
The record represents that standard processing stages through which documents pass. From time to time (either for expediency or exceptional circumstance), it may be necessary for the stage order to change, or for two or more stages to be undertaken simultaneously.  This is particularly so if a Land Registry Requisition is required.  The most recent date indicates the last activity, however all stages, except for Land Registry Requisition and Valuation Request (only entered if required) must be completed before registration is complete. 
How do I suggest improvements?
The Tracking Record is limited in functionality by legacy computer systems.  A new system is under development however we would warmly welcome suggestions on how to improve the Tracking Record in the interim and improve it for future versions. Please email all comments and feedback to registry.info@gov.ky.


We aim to complete the processing of Stamp Duty and Registration of all transactions within 10 working days of receipt.  Any period where a Land Registry Requisition has been issued (until resolved), or the Movement Dates indicates that the document is ‘Out’ of the Lands & Survey Department (until it is next stated as ‘In’) should be disregarded in considering this timescale. 
Where documents have not been completed within 10 working days of receipt (making allowances as noted above), please contact us on +1 345 244 3420 / registry.info@gov.ky quoting the Document Log Number on the Tracking Record.