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The Lands & Survey Department maintains a record of;

  • Street names
  • Building numbers

These registers will be available to the public under our Publication Scheme.

Naming a Road

Requests for naming shall be submitted on the Street Name Request Form (PDF, 16 Kb, 2 pages) and shall include the following:

  • The proposed name; 
  • Development name, block/parcel;
  • Reason(s) for proposal.

Renaming a Road

Requests for renaming shall be submitted on the Street Name Change Form (PDF, 19 Kb, 2 pages) and shall include the following:

  • The present name;
  • The proposed name; 
  • Signatures and address' of 100% of the affected, resident, Registered Proprietors, including strata owners;
  • Reason(s) for proposal.

 Completed requests should be returned to the Department and will be reviewed by the Minister for Roads.

The following rules will be adhered to when naming a street;

  • The name shall not be that of a living person;
  • The name shall not duplicate any other in spelling or sound;
  • The name shall not include compass directions;
  • The Minister shall define suffixes;
  • Road names shall not normally have more than 10 characters and spaces, excluding the suffix.  Road names containing 10-20 characters and spaces shall have special, heavier signs.  Road names shall not  have more than 20 characters and spaces excluding the suffix. 


Building Numbers

The Street Addressing information pamphlet (PDF, 857 Kb, 4 pages) is a guide for the placement of address numbers on the building.

Don't take a chance not knowing your house / building number. It is IMPORTANT.


A street address is obtained from the Lands & Survey Department shortly after the Building Permit is issued by the Planning Department.