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Standard Map Request
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Buffer Map Request
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Lands & Survey sells printed maps of the Cayman Islands at the Map Counter in our Grand Cayman office. These maps are printed at the time of your order, so they always contain the most up-to-date data. Samples of our standard map products are available below. Lands & Survey also publishes the Cayman Islands Street Atlas.

We can also produce customised maps of the Islands to suit your needs.

To order maps, please fill out a map request form and bring it to the Lands & Survey Map Counter with your payment. PLEASE NOTE: Lamination services for maps larger than 11" x 17" may not be available. Please contact the  Lands & Survey Map Counter to confirm availability prior to making payment.

Please refer to the Framing Options page to see the variety of frames you may choose from.  Framing provided by Picture This. When ordering a product to be framed please allow at least 2 weeks for completion.

Standard Map Products Minimize
Map Description Size Cost Lamination Fee
2008 Aerial Photography Maps
Cayman Islands 48x36 $100 $40
Grand Cayman 42x24 $75 $40
Little Cayman 36x24 $50 $20
Cayman Brac 36x24 $50 $20
Western Grand Cayman 60x36 $50 $40
Antique Map of the Cayman Islands
Antique Map
36x48 $50 $30
Bathymetry Terrain Map
Terrain Bathymetry
36x48 $50 $30
Buffer Map
Buffer Map
Consists of a map with a buffer depicted around the subject parcel. Also a listing of the parcel(s), planning forms, and mailing labels.
11x17 Map $30
List $5/owner
Form $1/owner
Label $1/owner (Additional labels 4 sets @ $0.10/owner)
Email listing $25
Cadastre Indices by Block Extent
Cayman Islands 60x36 $100 $40
Grand Cayman 60x36 $75 $40
Little Cayman 36x24 $50 $20
Cayman Brac 36x24 $50 $20
General Maps of the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands 60x36 $100 $40
Grand Cayman 60x36 $75 $40
Little Cayman 36x24 $50 $20
Cayman Brac 36x24 $50 $20
Western Grand Cayman 60x36 $50 $40
Historical Hurricanes Map
Historical Hurricanes
44x34 $50 $30
Hurricane Tracking Charts

Caribbean Tracking Chart - Blue

Caribbean Tracking Chart - White

36x24 $15 $15

Atlantic Tracking Chart - White

Atlantic Tracking Chart - Blue

36x24 $15 $15
Ivan Flood Map
Ivan Flood Map
Depicts estimated flood extent on Grand Cayman from Hurricane Ivan.
60x36 $50 $30
39x24 $30 $15
Nations Map
Nations of the Caribbean & Central America
48x36 $50 $30
Pictometry Layout (see our Pictometry page for more information)
Pictometry Layout
Oblique aerial photography taken from every direction (North, South, East & West) of a specific area within the Cayman Islands.
36x24 $60 $20
17x11 $30 $10
Registry Map
Registry Map
Full size print of a specific block with parcels, road names, right-of-ways, recent mutation history. DXF file will only be sent via Email
36x40 $15 uncertified /
$30 certified
24x36 $15 uncertified /
$30 certified
DXF file $75 N/A
Registry Map Extract
Registry Map Extract
A section of the Registry Map centered on a requested parcel within a specific block.
8.5x11 $5 uncertified /
$10 certified
Site Plan
Site Map
Depicts parcels, right-of-ways, buildings, and road names.These are only printed at scales of 1 inch equals 10, 20, 30, or 40 feet.
24x36 $25 $20
Stamp Duty Map - Prior to the Amendment to the Stamp Duty Law (2011 Revision)
Stamp Duty
Displays the portion of Grand Cayman which is subject to a 7.5% Stamp Duty Rate prior to the Amendment to the Stamp Duty Law (2011 Revision).
34x60 $50 $40
Street Mapping
Grand Cayman 96x48 $100 Not Available
Sister Islands 48x36 $75 $30
Little Cayman 17x11 $50 $10
Cayman Brac 17x11 $50 $10
Survey Plans
Survey Plans
Any print of a survey plan we have on file.
Various $10/sheet custom price