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Requesting Planning Notifications/Buffer Notices from Lands and Survey

April 4, 2016

Effective April 4, 2016, when Requesting Planning Notifications/Buffer Notices for Planning purposes a Planning Officer at the Department of Planning will be responsible for signing the L&S Request form to ensure the applicant has provided the correct/relevant information.

Forms must be signed before they can be processed by the Lands and Survey Department. 

You may see the Planner on Duty at the Front Counter of the Department of Planning to get the form(s) signed.


Standard for the Preparation of Documents

February 5, 2016

All documents submitted to the Land Registry Section of Lands and Survey will be preserved as scanned images. To produce a readable copy the quality of the original documents is critical. Therefore, the following standards must be adhered to when submitting documents effective February 8, 2016.


We now require that all documents be submitted free from erasure or use of liquid paper. In correcting errors please delineate by neatly drawing a line through the matter to be deleted and interlineating the corrected item. All documents submitted should be:

1. on a standard paper weight of 75 grams per square metre;

2. uncreased - the instruments and supporting documents should not be folded;

3. on white paper;

4. sufficiently non-absorbent to prevent ink spread and;

5. free from discolouration and;

6. completed using black or dark blue ink only.

Note the standard copy paper conforms to the above standard.


Online Tools

April 23, 2015

Free online tools are now available on the new subscriber portal https://my.caymanlandinfo.ky. As with the previous version, no login is necessary to use the tools. The available tools are:

NEW – Buffer Map Calculator

We are excited to launch the new Buffer Map Calculator. Customers can now estimate the cost of a buffer map and use the pdf quote to make requests; the tool includes the options for Labels, Planning Forms and Email listing. Customers should note that there are limitations to the tool as the option for adjacent parcels are not included at the moment and the option to include leases will be included over time. Importantly, customers should note that calculations using this tool is for information purposes only and will be assessed in-house once the request for a buffer is made. Buffer map requests can be sent to mappinginfo@gov.ky

More information on how to use the tool can be found here https://my.caymanlandinfo.ky/Online-Tools  

Parcel Change History

This tool now allows you to trace the history of parcel changes using the mutation report.

Registry Document Tracking

The status of documents submitted to the Land Registry for processing can be tracked here using your tracking ID.

Block and Parcel by Section

Curious about what Blocks fall within a Registration Section? Do you know the block number but need to know what is the related section? This tool helps you link Blocks to Registration Sections by either entering the block number to see the related section, or the section name to see the related blocks. Simple select the option from the drop down menu to see the related information.

Queries and feedback can be sent to CLIFeedback@gov.ky

Registering New Users

Registering of user accounts has been migrated to our https://my.caymanlandinfo.ky subscriber based portal offering our users greater security and direct access to our new mapping products .




Caymap Desktop and Mobile Training – January 2015 Schedule

Lands and Survey is pleased to announce Scheduled Training for the new Caymap Desktop and Mobile Versions.

No support for Caymap 2.1 is currently being offered and the service will be discontinued at the end of January 2015. Subscribers are therefore encouraged to take advantage of the training being offered.

Authorized users can get more information on the training dates by logging in to their existing accounts and we encourage subscribers to continue to send their feedback on the new Caymap to CLIFeedback@gov.ky.

To access the new Caymap on your Desktop or Mobile devices, visit https://my.caymanlandinfo.ky.

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 The 2016 Official and Most Excellent Map of the Cayman Islands are being distributed

Lands and Survey has began distribution of the 2016 Official and Most Excellent Map of the Cayman Islands. Over 100,000 maps will be distributed at points including:

  • The Airport (exclusively at the DOT tourism booth in the arrivals hall)
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Condos
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping plazas
  • Dive shops
  • Post offices
  • Car rental agencies
  • Gas stations
  • Liquor stores
  • Other retail locations and
  • Government Administration Building (GAB)

Department of Tourism distributes over 23,500 copies of the map throughout the US, Canada, the UK and continental Europe via their International Offices, Trade Shows and Outdoor Events. The Official and Most Excellent Map of the Cayman Islands is endorsed by The Department of Tourism and The Chamber of Commerce, and is the Official map of the Cayman Islands Government. If you would like reach more customers and advertise on the map please see our Information memo.

Featured Product: Official Street Atlas of the Cayman Islands 2nd Edition

Street Atlas

Lands & Survey is pleased to announce the availability of this product. Copies may be purchased from the department's office at the new Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, Grand Cayman and from the Lands Office, District Administration Building, Cayman Brac.

The cost of each copy is now CI$35.00.