Frequent Questions: Web Subscribers


Google Chrome, Brave and Firefox browsers are all supported

If you have forgotten your password or wish to change it, you can use the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen to reset it. The system will then email you a reset password link.

When you are logged in to the website, your display name appears in the top right corner (next to the logout link). Click on your name to access your profile properties. The password can be changed via the "Manage Password" link on the middle of the page.

Clear your browser cache and try again.

Under package launcher, select release license.

Only one subscriber may use a license at a time.

Several services on our website attract statutory fees in addition to any subscription charges. These fees are mandated in Cayman Law and Lands & Survey simply acts as the collector of these fees.


  • Land Register Views - $5
  • Land Register Print - $14
  • Registry Map Extracts -$5
  • Registry Map -$20

You can track the land register view/print fees you are accruing in real-time via the Fee Tracker section on your My Account page. A few key things to know about how we track land register views/prints:


  • Land registers incur statutory fees on a per view/per print basis. These fees are billed to your company on a monthly basis as part of your subscriber agreement.
  • Each edition of a land register incurs a fee.
  • If you click view first and then print the same register within a 1 hour time period, you will only be charged for the print (basically, the view fee is then replaced with a print fee).
  • You are charged for a print when you click on the print icon. This brings up a PDF of the land register. You are being charged for generating that printable PDF register. Whether you choose to print the PDF immediately or save it to your computer for later retieval/multiple reprints is your choice and does not incurr any extra charges.
  • If you view or print a land register and it doesn’t properly load on your computer (e.g., if your Adobe Acrobat PDF reader freezes up and you have to reboot), just go back and request the same land register again. As long as you do that within 1 hour, you won’t be charged twice for the view/print of the exact same Land Register.
  • If you are ever in doubt about what the system billed you for, just check in your Fee Tracker on the My Account page and contact us if there is a problem. That’s the same information we use to generate the invoices at the end of the month.

See our payment options here

Yes. Contact Caymanlandinfo for details



Based on the radius that the Planning Department specified, the Lands & Survey Department can provide you with everything you need to meet that notification requirement.

Lands & Survey will produce a buffer map of the subject parcel and the parcels that fall within the radius. A hard copy listing of the property owners within this radius is also produced. The total cost of this list varies by the number of owners that fall within the specified radius of your parcel. We can also provide you with the planning notification forms already filled out on a per owner cost basis (not per parcel). Additionally, we can print mailing labels that have the owners' names and addresses on them.

It is a requirement that you get the buffer map and parcel listings from Lands & Survey; the forms and labels are an optional service provided for your convenience. Information on the cost of buffer maps and related services is available on the Map Request page

Visit our Map Request page.

A cheque may be sent or delivered to the Government Admin Building or online payment

When purchasing a map it does not convey any rights to the information. The maps cannot therefore be published in any form without the express written permission of the Chief Surveyor, Lands and Survey Department.

Frequent Questions: Registry & Land Transactions

The ownership of Land or Property is permitted subject to restrictions on ownership under the Companies Law. Land or Property may not be purchased or leased if; The articles of association for the company (or by right of another law) allow for the issuance of bearer shares, certificates or coupons* The company is incorporated outside of the Cayman Islands** * Exempt companies who have never issued bearer shares, certificates or coupons may be exempted from this restriction (and therefore be permitted to purchase/lease land) upon application to the Minister of Finance. The exemption would apply so long as bearer shares, certificates or coupons are not issued. ** Unless the company has registered as a 'Foreign Company' under section 204 of the Companies Law If a company is subsequently struck off the Companies Register (for non payment of dues or in breach of other Companies requirements), then property held will be vested (transferred) to the Minister of Finance for the benefit (through sale or management) of the Cayman Islands.

Certain documents attract a penalty or interest charges under the Registered Land Law and the Stamp Duty Law.

If you know the Block and Parcel number of the property, you can obtain ownership information by requesting a copy of the Land Register from our offices, with fees starting from CI $5. If you do not know the Block and Parcel number you can identify the property on the Registry Map which is available at our offices. From this a Block and Parcel number can be established, and ownership details can be established as detailed above.

Under the Registered Land Law, the Cayman Islands Government guarantees Title, and hence you do not need to hold a Certificate to prove Title to the Land. Whilst Certificates are available the Land Registry strongly discourages their issuance, as a certified copy of a Land Register in your name is sufficient to prove Title. If lost, Certificates can only be cancelled through a time consuming process (to both the owner and Land Registry).

A document that requires Stamping or Registration must be presented to the Land & Survey Department in either Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac. Documents may be submitted by hand or by post (we recommend that postal submissions be registered). A document is ‘received’ when it is date stamped at our reception desk, however for both Registration and Stamp Duty purposes a document received after 4pm is deemed to have been received the next working day. For documents that require Registration, you must also submit a Document Submission Record. This is attached to a Document, or a number of related Documents, and provides us with contact information for you, information about what you are submitting, and what payments you are making. On the rear of the form a checklist lists standard requirements that must be met in the submission which must be completed. Its correct completion will dramatically reduce the likelihood of documents being returned for further information, which will reduce the amount of time taken for the completion of a transaction.

If you presented the correct Fees and Duty when you submitted the documentation, there will be no further charges. If the correct payment has not been presented however, you will be notified of the amount oustanding and Late Registration Fees and Interest will be charged if payment and the documents are not immediately returned. The length of time a document has been outstanding will be determined by the relevant date of signature and the current day, less any period of time when the document has been held by Lands & Survey.

Documents should be submitted to the Lands & Survey Department immediately after completion of the transaction, and no later than 45 days after the date of first signature. If a document has been signed overseas, the 45 day submission period commences when the document is received in the Cayman Islands. Applicants should ensure that proof of arrival of the documentation is retained. Late Submission penalties will apply for both the payment of Stamp Duty and Registration if submitted late.

No, the Department’s Chartered Valuation Surveyors may only conduct property valuations for the Government’s use.

Frequent Questions: Stamp Duty


Stamp Duty is payable on the higher of the consideration (the amount you pay) or the Market Value. The Lands & Survey Department has a team of experienced Chartered Valuation Surveyors who automatically assess the Market Value of all property sales within the Cayman Islands. Should your property be worth more than you are paying for it one of our Surveyors will contact you to request further information, or notify you of the re-assessment value.

Interests in property held in the name of a Company do not qualify for reduced rates of Stamp Duty, regardless of the ownership of the company.

The rate of Duty will depend on the location and whether the purchaser is Caymanian. Further alterations will depend on whether a Caymanian is purchasing property for owner occupation for the first time, based on the Purchase Price / Market Value (whichever is higher). Further details can be found here.

Yes. Click here for further details, and please note that under the Law financial penalties exist for late registration of Leases.

Depending on where the property you purchase is located you may be eligible to a reduced rate of Stamp Duty. , however. When you submit your documents to Lands & Survey you must provide specific Notorised evidence that you qualify for the reduced rate (see Caymanian Status Evidence)

You may qualify for a reduced rate of Stamp Duty, but only when the land or property is for your first owner occupied dwelling, and providing that the Market Value is below certain CI$ thresholds. To benefit from the waiver you need to apply to the Minister of Finance's office at the Government Administration Building (Glass House) before purchasing the property.

For undeveloped Land, a total waiver of Duty applies for purchases with a Consideration / Market Value (whichever is higher) up to CI $100,000. A reduced rate of Duty applies for purchases up to CI $150,000.
For Houses, apartments and other dwellings, a total waiver of Duty applies for purchases with a Consideration / Market Value (whichever is higher) up to CI $300,000. A reduced rate of Duty applies for purchases up to CI $400,000.
The rates of Duty applicable can be found here.

Frequent Questions: Road Compensation


You may be entitled to compensation, providing any increase in value to the remaining land (attributable to the new road) does not exceed the value of the land taken.

If the Cayman Islands Government decides it requires part or all of your land for a road scheme it will publish details in the local newspaper beforehand. Furthermore, the Lands & Survey Department will write you at your registered address with details of the approximate amount of the land required.
Please ensure that you always keep your contact details up to date at the Land Registry.

The letter from Lands & Survey sent to your registered address will include two compensation forms. The first form is to notify the Lands & Survey Department that you intend to make a claim, and the second is to make the actual claim. These forms are also available online on the Road Compensation page. Please contact a Valuation Officer at the Lands & Survey Department and we will be pleased to advise you how to obtain professional representation, and how to recover costs.