Admin and Finance

The Administration & Finance Section provides administrative and financial support for all the other sections including Survey, Valuation & Estates, Registry and NGIS.

  • Receptionist Duties

    Provides daily receptionist and customer service duties. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional customer service experience during visits to our offices to conduct business.

  • Administrative Sub-section

    Provides prompt administrative duties for Lands & Survey Sections, thus providing them quality time to research, develop and market new and innovative products to the public.

  • Finance Section

    Provides essential services to ensure that all financial businesses are completed, including the daily collection of registry fees, document fees, and payment for myriad products, documents and services as well as daily lodgments.

Further collating and reporting of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual financial information is submitted and disseminated to Heads of Section, the Director, CFO, BMU and Legislative Assembly to assist them in making informed and effective decisions.