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Software Solutions

Emergency Mapping Management & Analysis (EMMA)

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A user-friendly decision support system for rapid assessment in emergency storm situations.

Being able to rapidly assess the likely impact of a hurricane is vital to government officials and emergency responders during an emergency situation. To meet this need, the Lands & Survey Department has developed the Emergency Mapping Management & Analysis (EMMA) software application, a real-time decision support system designed to facilitate the rapid interpretation of real-time data provided by storm hazard models.

EMMA is integrated with The Arbiter of Storms (TAOS) modeling system from Kinetic Analysis Corporation, which produces real-time storm hazard and impact forecasts in GIS format. Within a half hour of the latest National Hurricane Center advisory, and for the entire duration of any active storm, TAOS generates real time predictions of wind intensities, storm surge and wave height, cumulative rainfall, and expected damage levels. EMMA supports the display of relevant GIS base map data (parcels, roads, buildings, critical infrastructure, and aerial photography), and projects TAOS outputs on top of this data.

    EMMA provides:
  • Intuitive mapping interface for non-specialist users
  • Ability to import local GIS base map for your area
  • Customised reporting and mapping for export to multiple formats
  • Operational with or without network access
  • One-click access to damage cost analysis of single or multiple buildings
  • Ability to add real-time incidents into the system and map outputs
  • Low operation & maintenance costs

EMMA Brochure (PDF, 2 pages, 660 Kb)

For more information on how EMMA can be used in your organisation, please contact

Electronic Land Registry Application (ELRA)

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A comprehensive Land Registration system for secure and transparent centralised records management.

Drawing first hand on experience from the Cayman Islands Land Registry, the Lands & Survey Department has developed the Electronic Land Registry Application (ELRA), a Land Registration solution that secures the integrity of governmental land registries while providing access to its information through Register production and GIS. An advantage of ELRA is that it has been developed by a government department that actively uses a Land Registry, ensuring that options and functions reflect the actual experiences of Land Registration in real life situations. The intuitive and simple graphical interface helps both new and experienced users process registry documentation quickly, effectively, and without concern.

    ELRA provides:
  • effective recording of land transactions, subdivisions of land, and the granting of proprietary rights
  • processing of Stamp Duty and/or property taxation at an administrative or professional level
  • comprehensive reporting of both stored data and performance targets
  • a full audit trail and mandatory quality assurance for every transaction through a two-tier data input and approval regime
  • interoperability with existing GIS infrastructure
  • optional integration of land sales data
  • robust and fully customisable industry standard database platform

ELRA is developed specifically for jurisdictions with a Cadastral/Torrens or other registration solution where title is guaranteed (thus requiring the highest levels of quality assurance) but can be easily customised to meet the requirements of any registered land system. It is developed for the .Net framework, and supports both Oracle and SQL database applications.

ELRA Brochure (PDF, 2 pages, 1.5 Mb)

For more information on how ELRA can be used to meet the land registry needs of your jurisdiction, please contact