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Lands & Survey offers a suite of online services to meet the public and private sector need for access to the land registry and geographic data maintained by the Lands & Survey Department. These web-based services include interactive map viewers, land register document retrieval, land registry-derived map document production and digital data delivery.

Annual subscriptions are available for individual services as well as packages of bundled services. See Price List and Sign-up Forms for a list of Package Options and Pricing.

For a printer-friendly summary of the Subscription Options described below, a Web Subscriptions Brochure (PDF, 1.5Mb, 2 pages) is available.

For more information on how Caymap, the Registry Document Services, and related data can be used in your organisation, please contact mapping.info@gov.ky.

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Caymap Screenshot

Caymap is an online mapping application that provides an interactive map for viewing, printing and searching of Cayman Islands geographic information and land registration data. Information about parcels such as owner and address can be easily obtained. These maps can be sent to a printer or exported in a variety of formats.

In Caymap, layers of mapping data can be toggled on and off. The layers available in Caymap depend on the version of Caymap you purchase and include information such as roads, buildings, rights of way, property sales information, aerial photography, and terrain heights.

Caymap can be accessed from a variety of Website Subscription Packages, many of which come bundled with the Registry Document Services described below. Please see the Mapping Packages Price List for information on package options and prices.

Caymap Layers

Below is a list of the data layers available in Caymap. Mouseover one of the following Caymap versions to see which layers it includes.

Caymap Bronze

Caymap Silver

Caymap Gold

Caymap Platinum

Caymap Survey










Aerial 2013

Rights of Way

Parcel Boundaries

Planning Zones

Historic Overlay

Scenic Coastline

Land for Public Purposes

Proposed Roads

District Boundaries

Contours (1 ft)

Terrain Model

Aerial 2008

Surface Model

Building Permits

Airport Height Restrictions

Aerial 2004, 1999, 1994, 1971

Survey Controls

Sales Comparables

Lease Comparables

Stamp Duty Zones

Hotel Tourism Zone

Infrastructure Fee Zone

Building Permit Fee Zone

General Commercial Overlay

Satellite Post Ivan

Ivan Flood Analysis


Registry Document Services Minimize

Land Registry Documents are available online through our subscriber services. Save the trip to Lands & Survey and retrieve these from your home or office, 24 hours a day!

Land Registers
Land Registers
Land Registers can be obtained by entering a block and parcel number. They can be viewed in your web browser or as a PDF file that can be sent to your printer. Both current and historical editions of parcels are available.

(see Land Register Service pricing)


Reduced Registry Maps
Reduced Registry Maps
Reduced Registry Maps are scaled down versions of our full, plotter-sized Registry Maps. They are downloadable as a PDF and are designed to print at 11" x 17". One map is available for each registry block.

(see Reduced Registry Map Service pricing)


Registry Map Extracts
Registry Map Extracts
Registry Map Extracts are maps that focus on a user-selected parcel or group of parcels. After the user enters a list of the parcels, an 8.5" x 11" map is generated in PDF format showing those parcels highlighted.

(see Registry Map Extract Service pricing)