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A La Carte Map Request
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Lands & Survey can produce customised "build-your-own" maps of the Islands to suit your needs, and we offer high quality custom cartography services. Information on custom mapping is available below.

Lands & Survey also sells printed maps of the Cayman Islands at the Map Counter in our Grand Cayman office.

Please call or visit us today for all your Cayman map production needs!

Customised Maps

Build-Your-Own Map/A La Carte Options

Lands & Survey can produce maps customized to your needs. The map options and data layers listed below are currently available. Select the options you need and click 'Calculate' to determine the full cost of a customized map.

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Extra Options:

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Note: Custom pricing are subject to change and shall be determined by the department; prices are based on the estimated production time.

Extra copies are available for $10/copy for map sizes up to 11 x 17. For larger maps, the cost is 50% of the orignal print cost. After the first 50 copies are printed, a 10% discount is applied to 51+ copies.

Please refer to the Framing Options page to see the variety of frames you may choose from.  Framing provided by Picture This. Please allow at least 2 weeks for completion of product when requesting a framed map.

Custom Cartography Services

Lands & Survey has talented cartographers on staff who can work with you to design custom maps of high cartographic quality. To discuss options and for a custom quote, please contact us with your requirements.