Support for Form 36: Deletion on Death of Joint Proprietor

Required Forms

Form 36 Deletion on Death
of Joint Proprietor

(PDF, 38 Kb, 1 page)

Document Submission Log
(PDF, 184 Kb, 2 pages)

Use this form:

When you hold property as a Joint Proprietor and wish to remove the name of another Joint Proprietor who has passed away.

The holding of property as Joint Proprietors means that all Joint Proprietors own the whole of the property equally, in a non-divisible manner.  As such, upon the death of one Proprietor the remaining Propreitors will continue to own the whole of the property.

Submission Requirements

In submitting this form you should enclose the following (where applicable):

  • Completed submission record, ensuring checklist to the rear of the form is completed
  • Certificate of Death from the General Registry (or overseas equivalent)
  • Affadavit confirming identity, where name on death certificate differs from Land Registry

Once signed the form should be submitted to the Lands & Survey Department within 45 days of first signature, unless signed outside of the Cayman Islands , to avoid the accrual of late submission penalties.


Type Registration
Standard Transaction CI $50
(US $60.97)

Forms (Mandatory)

When completing the form ensure that: 

  • Full address is stated, including postal / zip code
  • Amendments are initialed by all parties. The use of correction fluid is not permitted