Support for Form RL 1: Transfer of Land

Required Forms

RL 1 Transfer of Land
(PDF, 37 Kb, 2 pages)

Document Submission Log
(PDF, 184 Kb, 2 pages)

Useful Forms

Declaration on Conveyance
of Previous Agreement

(PDF, 74 Kb, 1 page)

Use this form:

When you are transferring freehold title of a parcel of land (or Strata Unit) to another person including:

  • Third Parties
  • Family Members
  • Companies
  • Trustees
  • Transfers where there is no change in beneficial ownership (ie. from an individual to a wholly owned company)

Submission Requirements

In submitting this form you should enclose the following (where applicable):

  • Completed submission record, ensuring checklist to the rear of the form is completed
  • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing (companies only)
  • Permission to hold property from Minister of Finance (exempt companies only)
  • Removal of any Restrictions or Cautions, or consent from Cautioner (if required)
  • Certified Copies for Caymanian Stamp Duty Concession
  • Waiver letter from Minister of Finance (if applicable)
  • Chattels List (if deduction for Chattels made)
  • Purchase Agreement or Receipt (if ad-valorem Stamp Duty paid on Purchase Agreement)
  • Copy of birth/marriage certificates for related parties (if Transfer is for Natural Love & Affection)
  • Land Certificate (if issued)
  • Copy of Purchase Agreement, or Declaration that no Purchase Agreement exists

Once signed the form should be submitted to the Lands & Survey Department within 45 days of first signature, unless signed outside of the Cayman Islands , to avoid the accrual of late submission penalties.



Type Registration Stamp Duty
Standard Transaction CI $50
(US $60.97)
Ad-Valorem Duty based on consideration or Market Value, whichever is higher
Transfer for Natural Love and Affection CI $50
(US $60.97)
CI $50
(US $60.97)

Forms (Mandatory)

RL Form must be completed in Duplex format. If you do not have a Duplex Printer, print page 1, reinsert the page to the paper tray, and print page 2.

When completing the RL-1 form ensure that:

  • Full names are stated (or as recorded on the existing Register), with signatures witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or member of authorised Land Registry staff, and correctly dated. Notary Public’s whose commissions do not expire must state so on the Registration Form
  • Full address is stated for the Purchaser, including postal / zip code
  • Amendments are initialed by all parties. The use of correction fluid is not permitted

Information on Specific Transaction Types

  • Natural Love and Affection
  • For a transaction to be effected by Natural Love and Affection, no consideration (financial or otherwise) must pass
  • Property may pass for natural love and affection between:
    • Father or Mother to Daughter or Son
    • Brother and Sister, providing that they have the same parent
    • Grandfather or Grandmother, and Grandson or Granddaughter
  • Property may pass between extended family members in a single transaction providing that evidence of the relationship chain can be shown. The Stamp Duty fee shall apply separately to each ‘link’ in the relationship chain. i.e., a Transfer from Uncle to Niece would be considered as Uncle – Mother (CI $50), Mother – Daughter (CI $50). No further Registration Fees would be applied.