Payment Details

To complete customer transactions, we are offering customers the ability to settle their fees by using wire transfer/direct debit.

The details of the accounts are set out below:

Beneficiary: Cayman Islands Government

Beneficiary Bank: Royal Bank of Canada

Transit Number: 06975- this MUST be used in front of the account number.

Executive Revenue

Beneficiary Account Name: Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture  & Lands (EYSAL) Executive Revenue KYD a/c #  114-660-4 and US$ a/c # 263-754-4 are to be used for payment of Registry, Stamp Duty Land Transfers, and Other Stamp Duty applications/instruments. 

Entity Revenue

Bank Account Name: Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture  & Lands (EYSAL) Entity Revenue KYD a/c # 112-458-5 and US$ a/c # 262-531-7 are to be used for payment of entity applications.

(Select Entity Revenue Applications for additional details).


*Bank Account ‘Short Name’

(‘Short Name’ must be entered online)


Please ensure that you add a specific description to identify the transaction relevant to the fees.  Transactions will not be completed unless we have received payment.  Please email a copy of the transfer to (if this relates to a registration document) or (if this relates to a search request) or (if this relates to Mapping products or services) so that we can ensure that your account is credited properly.

Memo/Reference: Please include – Name of remitting party, Department Name / Fee or Revenue Type must be entered online

Eg ABC Attorneys LSD OPY 1 Stamp Duty

EFT Maximum Limit Between Class A Banks

The maximum limit of an individual Domestic/Local EFT transfer may vary from bank to bank but should not exceed USD 500,000 or KYD equivalent, as per Cayman Islands Automated Clearing House guidelines.

Options available to remit amounts in excess of the above:

Remit multiple amounts of USD 500,000 or KYD 410,000t or less

Note: Maximum limit not applicable to Internal Transfer of Funds


Customers are reminded to email a copy of the executed EFT / internal account transfer to us.